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Feed Sacks book

Uppercase magazine is a great source of inspiration and ideas from editor and designer Janine Vangool. She’s been at it for years and is now publishing what she terms an Encyclopedia of Inspiration – a multi volume endeavor that will cover lots of topics beginning with feed sack fabric designs. Along with Author Linzee Kull McCray, the book will follow the history of feed sacks and how thrifty ladies of the early 20th century made them into charming and useful goods to cheer up their workdays.

I’ve already learned so much about these wonderful fabrics from Janine’s enthusiastic tales of research and collecting. It makes me wonder if a couple of quilts I have from my Grandmother were made with such fabrics.

This book will be followed by a volume about Botanicals, then one about Stitchery of all kinds. The Feed Sack volume is being printed now & is available for pre order here, to be shipped later this Fall. I’ve ordered mine & can’t wait for the pages of design inspiration! If you pre order, your Feed Sack book will come in a real feed sack fabric bag!

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