GreenWork Handmade is the home of the art and craft of sisters Jennifer & Julianne. We grew up making stuff and never stopped.

The name comes from a piece of our family history. Our Dad was a funeral director in the family business with his father, brother, & nephews. There were two locations – one a colonial with white siding, the other a green shingle Victorian, and each morning we’d ask if he was going to White Work, or Green Work. So, when thinking of a name for our business, we wanted something that would link back to our family, and also suggest our affinity for using upcycled/recycled materials.


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  1. Roxanne says:

    Hi I saw your beautiful wares online today, I am hoping you may have a vintage typewriter necklace or a vintage camera necklace? Thanks!


  2. Lucinda Kapral says:

    Hello, I love the spiral notebook you made and sent. I am wondering if you have any lined journals/notebooks that would be appropriate for use at calling hours/funeral/memorial service for guests to record their contact information and remembrances. It would be comforting to use handmade guestbooks.


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