How to (re)make a planter

Here’s how to make a planter out of, um, a planter! (Sometimes a thing just wants to be a thing.)
OK, so I had a planter that was several years old and had basically dis-assembled itself into a pile of scrap wood. But I liked the wood even more now that it had weathered & faded. Part of the reason it had fallen apart was from watering; so I supposed that if the new planter had a liner, it would last a bit longer. We’ll see …

– old planter, or scrap wood, flat squares or rectangles
– scrap lath or 1×1 lengths
– small saw or utility knife
– screws
– screwdriver (electric, preferably)
– plastic container (mine was from cat litter)

~ I sorted out the pieces of wood I had so they’d fit around my container – cutting down pieces as necessary.

~ My wood was all the same height, so I just used a piece to trace a line around the container. Leave a little extra – you can always cut more off later!

~ I used pieces of scrap wood strips to construct a top support that fits around the outside size of the container, & a bottom support that is smaller than the container (the container will sit on this, so it doesn’t fall through the bottom).

~ These are the sides screwed into the top & bottom supports.

bottom view

Bottom view.

~ I used the pieces of wood cut off the side chunks as bottom reinforcements. These will add support to the structure as well as keeping the planter raised up for better drainage.

Looking down from the top, you can see how the inner supports fit in, & the liner is snug. I did cut the lining container down a bit more, so that you can’t see it from the side. Hopefully when there are lovely bushy plants growing, you won’t even notice it!

I’ll update this when I have pics of the planter in use!

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